1. granulated, pulverulent, ground, fine; dusty, ashy, gritty, sandlike, sandy, arenose, arenaceous, sootlike, sooty; pulverized, crushed, mortared, comminuted, triturated, levigated, smashed, mashed, Sl. smushed; grated, stoned, milled, mealy, floury, granular, grainy, farinaceous, oatlike, branny, branlike, furfuraceous; flaky, flocculent, scaly, scurfy.
2. pulverizable, pulverable, frangible, breakable; crumbly, friable, loose; disintegrating, rotting, decayed, falling apart.
3. powdered, dusted, sprinkled, besprinkled, pounced, Both Cookery. dredged, floured; sprayed, showered, hailed, dotted, flecked, splashed, spattered, speckled, dappled, mottled, Bot., Zool. lentiginous; covered, topped, coated, screened, overspread.

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